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Friday, 18 December 2015 09:31

Department’s Objective and Function

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Youth in 2020 are youth who are knowledgeable, skilled, virtuous, harmony, proactive, disciplined, possess sense of identity and patriotic to face the challenges of globalization. They will be the main contributor to the nation’s social and economic development and through sports programmes and activities they will enhance the incalculation of national unity towards an active fit and healthy society.


Build a generation of youth who are competent in the areas of leadership, entrepreneurship, skills, organizational management by inculcating values through quality lifestyle and participation in Mass Sports, Extreme Sports and Traditional Sports towards developing the national unity,fit and healthy image in line with vision 2020.


'Producing a united, disciplined and forward movingyouth community and moulding a healthy and active community towards national unity'

To realize these goals, the Department has identified 6 specific objectives for smooth running of the operation as follows:
1. Producing youth who are virtuous, disciplined and competitive and are able to contribute to the nation's progress.
2. Preparing young leaders as a catalyst for a glorious future.
3. Encourage the participation of youth in businesses as a preparation towards developing more young entrepreneurs.
4. Provide vocational skills training, guidance and encouragement for youth to enable them to gain employment.
5. Establish and build a vibrant, active, disciplined, appreciating and practicing the concept of 'Fit for Life' community.
6. Provide an exposure to a variety of recreational activities, conservation and ecological educational awareness to the youth.
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