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1. Increase the community participation in sports, extreme sports, traditional sports and motor sports towards enhancing the national unity and creating a "Fit Malaysia" image.

2. Enhance, recognize, and help increase the number of sports associations for the purpose of producing sports leaders, managers and motivators at all levels.

3. Provide sports infrastructures and facilities to give more space for active participation of the community in a variety of sports activities.

4. Improve the relationship and smart partnership with private sector in the development of Sport for All.


• Realization of "Sports for All' concept through sports services and the development of sports by organising sports development programmes involving the participation of people from the grass roots level up to the international level focusing on the development of 'Sports for All '.


1. Increase community participation in sport for all towards creating national unity and sports oriented community.

2. Enhance, recognize and increase the number of sports associations to produce leaders and motivators in sports at all levels.

3. Improve the established relationship and Smart Partnership with the private sector in the development of sports.

4. Popularize Malaysia as a centre for sports activities and organize sports activities at the international level.

5. Maximising the use of infrastructure and sports facilities to provide more opportunities for active participation of the community.


1. Providing educational and training programmes to the community at all levels under the concept of Fit Malaysia organized jointly by the public sector, private sector, sports associations and other non-governmental organizations.

2. Enhancing the sport development programmes to build a fit, healthy and productive community towards national unity.

3. Enhancing the sports programmes participation that covers all walks of life.

4. Empowering the sports, recreation and fitness associations to attract the community support and participation in the activities organized.

5. Providing opportunities, facilities, infrastructure and mechanism suitable for the Sport for all research activities including monitoring and evaluation.

Client’s Charter

We are committed in ensuring that:

1. Every client gets a fair and friendly treatment while obtaining the needed services.

2. Every customer will obtain the explanation and latest information on courses organized thirty (30) days prior to the scheduled programmes.

3. Every client receives advisory and consultancy services relating to the Sports for All activities in line with the division's objectives.

4. All administrative and service matters (payment process / purchase) are operated in an efficient and trustworthy manner and will be completed within fourteen (14) working days provided that the relevant documents are complete.

* Source: Sports Development Division
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