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Thursday, 17 December 2015 15:14

Vision, Mission and Objective

Towards building a youth community who are spiritually, mentally and physically integrated,responsible, high in volunteerism and patriotic thus becoming the driving force for progress and prosperity of the nation, religion and producing an active, healthy, fit society and development of high performance athletes to the international level.

Providing Youth and Sports development programmes to give the best contribution towards nation building and for Malaysia to excel in various fields in particular for:
• Development of sports for individuals and society;
• Enhance the development of the younger generation to inherit and uplift the nation's civilization.

1. Build a community of youth who are disciplined and virtuous, produce youth leaders and young entrepreneurs and creating a skilled workforce.
2. Build a caring, skilled, dynamic and responsible youth community.
3. Increase participation in Mass Sports, Extreme Sports and Traditional Sports towards creating a sporting culture society.
Thursday, 17 December 2015 09:43

Peta Lokasi

Wednesday, 16 December 2015 11:33

Target Groups

In the formulation of strategic planning and in ensuring that Ministry of Youth and Sports (MYS) assumes the role of a parent body to the youth and sports development, it is a necessity that MYS specify the target group or client. It is also important for MYS to specify the target group to facilitate in planning the desired youth and sports programmes to be implemented and to ensure that the objectives and messages needed to be delivered through the programmes will reach the target groups.

MYS target groups are:

• All Malaysians
• Youth between the age of 15 to 40 years (National Youth Development Policy)
• High Performance Athletes (National Sports Council Act)
• Government Agencies
• Sports Organizations (Sports Development Act 1997)
• Youth Organizations
• Non-Governmental Organizations

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