Ministry of Youth and Sports Malaysia is responsible for implementing the Government's policies on Youth and Sports. The Ministry was first established with the establishment of the Youth Division at the Ministry of Social Welfare in 1953.Following the country independence in 1957, the Culture Division was established under the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.Recognizing the importance of the role and functions of Youth, Sports and Culture divisions, the Government has officially established the Ministry of Youth and Sports Malaysia on May 16th. 1964.

In 1987, the Cabinet has decided to move the culture division to a newly formed Ministry namely, the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Tourism.From this date, the Department of Youth and Sports only executes youth and sports programmes.

Johor State Youth and Sports Department was established in 1966 with aYouth and Sportsofficer and a Clerk as staff members.It has been expanding rapidly, not only in terms of staff members, also in terms of roles and responsibilities. At present, there are 86 officers and staff members, excluding contract employees.Nevertheless, we still feel that the department is short of staff for the increasing workload to be carried out.
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