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Tuesday, 15 December 2015 10:35

Vision, Mission and Objective

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Youth in 2020 is a generation that is knowledgeable, high-tech, skilled, virtuous, fit, harmonious, productive, disciplined, with self-esteem and showing the spirit of patriotism and volunteerism to face the challenges of globalization and become the key contributor in the nation's social and economic development.

To build a generation of youth who are skilled in the areas of leadership, entrepreneurship and organizational managementby fostering values through quality lifestyleand increases community participation in Mass Sports, Extreme Sports andTraditional Sports to enhance the creation of national unity and FitMalaysia Image in line with Vision 2020.

* To build a youth community that is high on morality,integrated, loyal to the country,highly skilled, independent, possess organizational spirit and mature leadership.
* To build and produce a fit, healthy and united community.
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