Sunday, 12 Sep 2021

IPOH: More than 21,000 individuals in Perak have registered for the Malaysia Vaccine Support Volunteers (MyVAC) programme, says Datuk Seri Ahmad Faizal Azumu. The Youth and Sports Minister said of the number, close to a thousand have been placed at public vaccination centres (PPV) in the state. “At the moment, we have 979 volunteers assisting in 25 PPVs in the state. "They are helping medical staff do temperature checks among other things. “For now, we have a total of 8,187 volunteers helping out at 417 PPVs nationwide," he told reporters after visiting the Stadium Indera Mulia PPV on Sunday (Sept 12). Ahmad Faizal said all the volunteers have completed their vaccination against Covid-19. “Based on the feedback we received from medical frontliners, MyVAC volunteers have helped them and their hard work is definitely steering the nation towards achieving herd immunity. “In Perak, the Stadium Indera Mulia PPV has the most volunteers, up to 45 a day,” he said. Separately, Ahmad Faizal said he hoped the public would stop speculating and have faith in the process to reinstate Paralympian Mohd Ziyad Zolkepli's gold medal in the men’s shot put T20 event. “We hope everyone will respect Mohd Ziyad’s wishes as well. He wants everyone to stop attacking the Ukrainian athletes as it may affect his own (peace of mind). “Let us trust the National Sports Council (NSC) to work on this. The ministry and NSC are discussing how to help our former Paralympic athletes secure better jobs and livelihoods,” he said. On a separate matter, Ahmad Faizal said he also hoped the national women’s football team will show good sportsmanship in their matches with Thailand and Palestine. “Right now, all of them are placed in the sport bubble under the NSC’s management. "I hope they will make Malaysia proud not only by winning the matches, but also showing good sportsmanship," he said. "The Palestinians have high respect for us, so the players are our ambassadors to promote Malaysia,” he added. In August, 28 women players were called up to participate in the qualifying round for the 2022 Women’s Asian Cup in Palestine, which starts on Wednesday (Sept 15). The team will face Palestine on Sept 19 and Thailand on Sept 25.

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Ili Aqilah
The Star

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